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Tarkov Ammo Chart


EFT Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart 14.0

Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart up to date as of EFT patch v0.14.0

If you haven’t seen it already we have a Tarkov Headset guide as well for you to check out.

Ammo in EFT Escape from Tarkov is more important than the gun, you can have a pimped out gun but with bad ammo your not going to win fights unless you aim solely for the head. You would be better off with a bad to mediocre gun and very good ammo that can shred through any class of armor.

Below is a EFT Tarkov Ammo Chart 14.0 containing all the ammo types in Escape from Tarkov, this Tarkov Ammo Chart is useful when choosing a load out for armor shredding rounds or leg meta. Even if your in raid and find some ammo and unsure if you should place it in your secure container or not.

Tarkov 12 Gauge Shot Ammo

12 Gauge ShotDamagePen ValueArmor damageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
5.25 buckshot5.25mm Buckshot8x371150%
5.25 buckshot8.5mm Magnum Buckshot8×502260%155-15%
tarkov ammo chart 6.5 express buckshot6.5mm Express Buckshot9×353260%15%
5.25 buckshot7mm Buckshot8×393260%

Tarkov 12 Gauge Slug Ammo

12 Gauge SlugsDamagePen ValueArmor damageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
superformanceSuperformance HP Slug22051239%-15170%
grizzlyGrizzly 40 Slug190124812%2080%
copperCopper Sabot HP Slug206144638%10150%
leadLead Slug167155520%120%
sabotDual Sabot Slug2x85176510%15110%
polevaPoleva-3 Slug140174020%-15100%
ftxFTX Custom Lite Slug183205010%-25135%
polevaPoleva-6U Slug150205015%-10115%
.50.50 BMG Slug19726575%2590%
ap-20AP-20 Slug16437653%5080%

Tarkov 20 Gauge Ammo

20 GaugeDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
20 5.65.6mm Buckshot8x251120%10-10%
20 5.66.2mm Buckshot8x222130%
20 5.67.5mm Buckshot8x253140%
20 5.67.3mm Buckshot9x233130%15
devastatorDevastator Slug1985100%30125%
20 polevaPoleva-3 Slug1201420%-15110%
starStar Slug1541610%5130%
20 polevaPoleva-6 Slug1351715%-15110%

Tarkov 23x75mm Ammo

23×75 mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
zvezdaZvezda Flash00020%
sharp 25Sharpnel-258x7810200%1020
sharp 10Sharpnel-108x8711200%
barrikadaBarrikada Slug192397520%25-5%

Tarkov 9x18mm Ammo

9x18 mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
PM PSO gzhPM SP8 GZH671260%
PM PSO gzhPM SP7 GZH77252%
PM PSO gzhPM PSV693540%
PM PSO gzhPM P GZH5051625%
PM PSO gzhPM PSO GZH5451335%10%
PM PSO gzhPM PS GS PPO5561625%
PM PSO gzhPM PRS GS5861630%
PM PSO gzhPM PPE GZH6171535%
PM PSO gzhPM PPT GZH5982217%-7-5%
PM PSO gzhPM PST GZH50122620%
PM PSO gzhPM RG028 GZH6513262%
PM PSO gzhPM BZHT GZH53182817%
PM PSO gzhPMM PSTM GZG58243317%5
PM PSO gzhPM PBM GZH40283016%4

Tarkov 7.62x25mm Ammo

7.62X25mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
TT LRNPCTT LRNPC6672735%-1010%
TT LRNTT LRN6482835%-55%
TT FMJ43TT FMJ4360112925%
TT AKBSTT AKBS58123225%-1515%
TT P glTT P GL58143225%
TT PT gzhTT PT GZH55183417%-10%
TT Pst gzhTT PST GZH50253620%

Tarkov 9x19mm Ammo

9x19mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
PSO gzhPSO GZH59103225%
Luger CCILugger CCI70103825%
Green TracerT GZH58143315%-6-5%
FMJ M882M88256183520%
Pst gzhPST GZH54203315%
AP 6.3AP 6.35230485%
PBP gzhPBP GZH5239555%55%

Tarkov .45 Ammo

.45DamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
ACP RIPACP RIP130312100%-5%
ACP Hydra-ShokACP Hydra-shock100133050%
Lasermatch FMJACP LaserMatch FMJ7619371%10%
Match FMJACP Match FMJ7225361%
ACP AP66381%7-5%

Tarkov 9x21mm Ammo

9x21mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
PE gzhPE GZH80156335%-5
P gzhP GZH65184430%-3
PS gzhPS GZH54223920%
BT gzhBT GZH49324220%0-4%

Tarkov .357 Magnum Ammo

.357 MagnumDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
Magnum SPSoft Point108121520%-2927%
Magnum HPHP99182060%1515%
Magnum JHPJHP88242860%815%
Magnum FMJFMJ7035431%12

Tarkov 5.7x28mm Ammo

5.7x28mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy

Tarkov 4.6x30mm Ammo

4.6x30mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFlag %RecoilAccuracy
Action SXAction SX65182850%
Subsonic SXSubsonic SX52233320%-2210%
JSP SXJSP SX46323730%
FMJ SXFMJ SX43404120%
AP SXAP SX35534610%

Tarkov 9x39mm Ammo

9x39mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
9x39mm FMJFMJ75172830%-55%
SP-5 gsSP-5 GS71283920%0
SPP gsSPP GS68354820%710%
PAB-9 gsPAB-9 GS62435710%10-15%
SP-6 gsSP-6 GS60486410%5
BP gsBP GS58546910%1510%

Tarkov .366 Ammo

.366DamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
TKM GeksaTKM Geksa110143845%
TKM FMJTKM FMJ98234825%10
TKM EKOTKM EKO73304020%-15-10%
TKM AP-MTKM AP-M9042601%35-28%

Tarkov 5.45x39mm Ammo

5.45x39mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
5.45x39mm HPHP7691535%-3
PRS gsPRS GS70132430%-5
5.45x39mm SPSP65153145%-510%
US gsUS GS63173310%-15
T gsT GS57203616%-5%
5.45x39mm FMJFMJ55243825%
PS gsPS GS53284040%
PP gsPP GS50344217%3
BT gsBT GS48374416%5-2%
39BP gsBP GS46254616%7-3%
5.45x39mm BS gsBS GS43545717%10-3%
PPBS gsPPBS GS3762592%15

Tarkov 5.56x45mm Ammo

5.56x45mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
5.56x45mm HPHP7982270%
MK 255 Mod 0 (RRLP)MK 255 Mod 0 (RRLP)7211243%
5.56x45mm FMJFMJ59233350%10%
MK 318 Mod 0 (SOST)MK 318 Mod 0 (SOST)55333935%310%
5.56x45mm SSA APSSA AP38575820%6-6%

Tarkov 7.62x39mm Ammo

7.62x39mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
7.62x39mm HPHP87152040%5-5%
7.62x39mm SPSP68202735%-5
7.62x39mm FMJFMJ63263330%-2
7.62x39mm US gzhUS GZH5629428%-305%
7.62x39mm T-45M1 gzhT-45M1 GZH64304612%-6-4%
7.62x39mm PS gzhPS GZH57355220%
7.62x39mm PP gzhPP55415715%5-1%
7.62x39mm BP gzhBP GZH58476312%7-3%
7.62x39mm MAI APMAI AP4758765%10-5%

Tarkov .300 Blackout Ammo

.300 BLKDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
.300 WhisperBlackout Whisper90141835%-55%
.300 Blackout V-MaxBlackout V-MAX72202525%-1030%
300 Blackout BCP FMJBlackout BCP FMJ60303630%
300 Blackout M62 TracerBlackout M62 Tracer54364020%1
.300 Blackout CBJBlackout CBJ58435715%5
.300 Blackout APBlackout AP51486530%3

Tarkov 6.8x51mm Ammo

6.8x51mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
6.8x51mm SIG FMJSIG FMJ80354918%
6.8x51mm SIG HybridSIG Hybrid72475812%103%

Tarkov 7.62x51mm Ammo

7.62x51mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
7.62x51mm Ultra NoslerUltra Nosler107152070%-510%
7.62x51mm TCW SPTCW SP87302535%-3-2%
7.62x51mm BCP FMJBCP FMJ83354220%-7%
7.62x51mm M80M8080416617%
7.62x51mm M62 TracerM62 Tracer79447514%-1-6%
7.62x51mm M61M6170648313%103%
7.62x51mm M993M99367708513%85%

Tarkov 7.62x54R Ammo

7.62x54RDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
7.62x54mm R HP BTHP BT Tracer102233740%
7.62x54mm R SP BTSP BT Tracer92275624%
7.62x54mm R FMJFMJ84336320%
7.62x54mm R T-46M gzhT-46M GZH82418318%-5-1%
7.62x54mm R LPS gzhLPS GZH81427818%-5%
7.62x54mm R PS gzhPS GZH8445848%810%
7.62x54mm R BT gzhBT GZH7855878%-4-2%
7.62x54mm R SNB gzhSNB GZH7562878%10
7.62x54mm R BS gsBS GS7270888%

Tarkov 12.7x55mm Ammo

12.7x55mmDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
12.7x55mm PS12APS12A165102270%-12-15%
12.7x55mm PS12PS12115286030%10%
12.7x55mm PS12BPS12B102465730%15

Tarkov .338 Lupua Magnum Ammo

.338 Lupua MagnumDamagePen ValueArmor DamageFrag %RecoilAccuracy
.338 Lapua Magnum TAC-XTAC-X196185550%510%
.338 Lapua Magnum UCWUCW142327060%-5%
.338 Lapua Magnum FMJFMJ122478320%
.338 Lapua Magnum APAP115798913%10

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