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Flint Treasure of Oblivion Set to Release in 2024

Flint Treasure Of Oblivion

Flint Treasure of Oblivion

The French studio Savage Level is releasing its first game titled Flint Treasure of Oblivion, Flint Treasure of Oblivion is a tactical RPG with the main character Captain Flint.

Savage Level started working on Flint Treasure of Oblivion back in 2022, it’s set to release on PC and console in 2024. While there is no confirmed release date just yet but we expect it will be towards the end of 2024.

Image credit: Steam

Accompanied by his friend Billy Bones and his crew, Captain Flint sets sail for the mysterious treasure. If the call of the unknown galvanizes him, he doesn’t yet suspect this adventure will set him free.

Dive into the world of piracy bordering on fantasy of Flint: Treasure of Oblivion. You can immerse yourself into a well-documented and exciting universe thanks to comic-book styled narration and tactical turn-based combat.

The weapons and abilities will all be based on pirate reality, so no magic and leveling up also has pirate logic. Your experience doesn’t come from killing like a lot of other games, it actually comes from collecting gold. You can distribute gold to your crew members get them leveled up, its worth saving some gold though for purchasing items.

Flint Treasure of Oblivion turn based
Image credit: Steam

A good preparation is key: Choose your crew members with unique abilities, obtain new skills, improve your dices.
During the tactical phases, you can use cards to trigger different skills and attributes, and influence the fight with dice throws.

Experience the golden age of piracy through a strong and original narrative, real-time exploration and turn-based tactical combat in Flint – Treasure of Oblivion.


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