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Gray Zone Warfare

gray zone warfare

Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare is aimed at being an immersive tactical FPS with its main focus being realism. You join a Private Military Company and navigate round a vast open-world either alone or in a squad. Adapt to your surroundings, use tactics to your advantage, and fight against other human operators and AI-controlled enemies.

As a former Special Forces operative newly discovering the murky waters of Private Military Contractors, you find yourself a newcomer to an abandoned Lamang Island, tasked with navigating its depths and completing objectives assigned by a cast of shady characters with enigmatic motives. You approach Handshake, a slick and professional head operator that always welcomes you with a task.

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Gray Zone Warfare

Name: Lamang
Official country name: The Democratic Republic of Lamang
Location: Somewhere in Southeast Asia
Area: 430km²
Population: 74,470
President: Narith Sayavong
Official languages: Lao and English
Area of operations: 42km²

Gray Zone Warfare

A former British colony, Lamang was ravaged by a brutal civil war just two decades after gaining its independence when the remnants of the anti-British resistance (known as SOL – Sons of Lamang) were dissatisfied with the independent government‘s rule. Since the official army was understaffed, untrained, and equipped with outdated weapons and gear, it was swiftly defeated after only a couple of months of fighting. The SOL commander, Raksmei Sayavong, then declared himself the supreme leader of the island with the title of President.

Raksmei‘s victory was made possible thanks to the help of the Soviets, who supplied the SOL with weapons in exchange for strengthening their position during the Vietnam War. Building various military installations all over Lamang, a small contingent of Soviet troops remained on the island even after the end of the conflict and finally left after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Raksmei Sayavong died in 1996, with his only son, the 28-year-old Narith Sayavong, becoming the new leader of the island. Narith promised the people of Lamang that he would end his late father‘s isolationism policies and bring the island into the next millennium through modernization and openness. Claiming to focus on tourism, he ordered the construction of his crowning jewel – the Midnight Sapphire – a luxurious resort where, legend has it, all was allowed for the right price.

During the next three decades, those few who managed to escape the island told a vastly different story and pleaded with the rest of the world for help until, finally, the UN decided to act and established the UNLRA (United Nations Lamang Relief Agency) to provide at least a modicum of assistance to the oppressed people. With Narith‘s hesitant approval, UNLRA arrived in Lamang to assess the situation and begin its humanitarian mission.

Then, a few months later, disaster struck. With a blinding flash and thunderous roar, a part of the island was forever transformed by a sudden cataclysmic Event.

With PVE only and PVP servers in Gray Zone Warfare there sure is something for every bodies style of game play, this should keep the players hungry for heart pounding PVP happy and keep the players who want a more relaxed gameplay style happy.

Gray Zone Warfare Release Date

To answer the question that everyone is asking there hasn’t been an official Gray Zone Warfare Release Date yet, We know its sometime in 2024 and we seen somewhere its aimed to be in the first quarter of 2024. As its near the end of February already that doesn’t leave much time left to wait for Gray Zone Warfare to Release.

Meet The Characters


Gray Zone Warfare GUNNY

First off we have Anton Jackson or Gunny, He is a retired US Marine Corps gunnery sergeant, Gunny is an awkward, truculent character who doesn’t seem to much like anything or anyone. However, he is extremely good at what he does, hence why the PMC recruited him to help run their operation, and if part of that job means looking after the company‘s PMC operators, then that‘s what he‘s going to do to the best of his abilities.



Next up is Laya Hoang or Artisan, Artisan has worked at her father‘s workshop since she was a little girl, learning all there is to know about machines and how they work. She blames UNLRA for the chaos their arrival caused and thinks of the PMCs as opportunistic vultures scavenging whatever remains of value in her country. Despite this animosity, she offered her services as a mechanic. Naturally reserved and wary of others, gaining her trust could prove challenging. However, once earned, her expertise and knowledge of Lamang could become a pivotal asset.



Finally we have James Miller or Banshee, For Banshee, the turbulent events unfolding in Lamang were akin to a gold rush. The widespread chaos proved to be a lucrative market for his trade, attracting a surge of potential clients in dire need of his merchandise. Unfettered by moral reservations, Banshee operates under a simple yet effective principle: anyone with the means to pay is a potential collaborator. He gladly brings in possible business partners for his various plans, setting up deals that promise gains for everyone involved.

Over 150 Quests At Early Access

Players can look forward to a whopping 150 quests at the launch of Gray Zone Warfare Early Access, with more being added over time. That’s plenty of missions you keep players happy while they continue to work on Gray Zone Warfare.

We will keep everyone updated with the latest info on Gray Zone Warfare


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