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Best Dayz Servers 2024

Best Dayz Servers 2024

Best Dayz Servers 2024

Are looking for a server to play on? check out the best Dayz servers 2024. We have put together this list for you to take a look at, the servers are listed in no particular order.


If you like modded PVP based dayz servers then make sure to check out Kryptic servers.

With a high spec dedicated server you can enjoy a smooth game play experience, with that in mind you also get a huge range of custom clothing, armor and a bunch of custom guns only found on Kryptic servers.

They have active admins and a large mod list. Server features are listed below:

C4 raiding 24/7

Sleeping bags (30 minute cool down)

Killfeed and leaderboard

Keycards / Keys

No sickness, disease or broken legs

Toxic zones with sickness enabled (mask only)

Custom oil rigs

Party system and map

Barter items


Bitcoin mining

Custom base storage

Base Building Plus 2.0


Spray painting gear

Balanced economy

Flea market (P2P Trader)

Fully customized map

Plus more…


If you enjoyed Stalker then this server is a must for you to try out, StalkerZ is a hardcore survival server with a big focus on roleplay.

They have a medium sized mod list, we will list a few below to give you an idea of what to expect:

Chernobyl Zone custom buildings

STALKER custom objects

GSC gameworld objects


STALKER heli’s, vehicles, weapons and mutants


Fishing mod

Plus more…


Rearmed is a huge community with a range of modded dayz servers, probably one of the largest communities with around 10 servers. All of their servers are 100+ slots and you will be queuing to get on any of them.


Escape from Tarkov inspired and created from the bottom up as the most progressive DayZ Standalone modded servers. This is the new DayZ standard.

Some of the mods they have on their servers are as follows:

Dayz expansion market, AI, quests, vehicles and name tags

They have Arma 2 heli’s which is a nice mod, they should bring helis back to vanilla DayZ.

1 Original DayZ

1 Original DayZ started out as a purely vanilla dayz experiance and now added extra servers to cater to a larger audience, they still have a pure vanilla server along with a lightly modded with Qol mods server. They also have a dedicated admin team, if your looking for a friendly community and a true vanilla experiance so if you like vanilla but sick of the cheaters be sure to check them out.


DayZRP is known for its strict roleplaying rules and immersive community-driven interactions.


KarmaKrew is another popular DayZ community, that has active admins and lightly modded. You might also bump in to some streamers as quite a few well known DayZ streamers like to hangout on thier servers.

Explore KarmaKrew servers and find that you will enjoy a well balanced server with unique features that will all fit within the vanilla DayZ style. They focus on the best immersion and high quality mods that will make sure it adds to the core game.

Collect your loot and start a base on our Chernarus or Livonia servers, or gather your best duo partner for an adventure and roam the maps. Camouflage your guns with spray paint and listen closely for unique sounds from new dynamic events. Be aware of players that don’t seem too friendly, but wholeheartedly help the ones that are.

Explore the KarmaKrew DayZ servers and above all have a good time!


Again DayOne is another very popular community where a lot of streamers tend to play, they are owned by Smoke one of or if not the most popular DayZ streamer. Active admins with lightly modded servers with some great interactions where a bit of RP is encouraged but not enforced.

A nice touch that DayOne have is their servers are no build, while not being to everyones taste it certainly is popular.

They have 5 servers in total, Chernarus, Livonia, Esseker and 3 Namalsk.

More DayZ content on Base Building and Raiding check it out and give it a share. Thanks.


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