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DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024: Best Attack and Defend Tactics

DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024

Welcome to our DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024, we say chart its more of a guide but anyway lets get started.

In DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024 article we are going to cover raiding with explosives, raiding with guns, raiding with melee weapons, base raiding without any tools, one of the best methods for base raiding and finally best method for defending your base in DayZ.

This covers patch 1.23 but ballistics don’t change much in DayZ so this DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024 should be good for quite sometime, even a good reference for years to come hopefully.

Base Building Guide

DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024

Raiding Bases and Walls with Explosives in DayZ 2024

Explosives are very useful especially when raiding a base made of just wood, this is because explosives with cause damage to the wall and also damage to the frame and any surrounding structures.

With just two pieces of plastic explosives you can destroy a metal wall, if you chose to use clay-mores, mines or grenades you would need quite a few more to do the same damage.

Plastic explosives are a high cost as the materials are hard to find, another down side is they are very loud so other players have a good chance of hearing you raiding a base and push you to capitalize on the the raiding resources you have on you but also an easier raid for them as you’ve already started the work for them.

How Many Explosives to Destroy a Wooden Wall, Metal Wall and Frame in DayZ 2024

  • Destroying a Wooden Wall with Explosives DayZ
  • 2x Plastic Explosives
  • 3x Clay-mores
  • 12x Grenades
  • 12x Landmines
  • 12x Grenade Launcher Grenades
  • Destroying a Metal Wall with Explosives DayZ
  • 2x Plastic Explosives
  • 5x Clay-mores
  • 12x Grenades
  • 12x Landmines
  • 12x Grenade Launcher Grenades

Tip: Its advisable to place enough explosives to destroy the wall and frame in one go, also you can destroy two walls at the same time by placing the explosives where the two walls meet, that’s a double whammy.

How Many Bullets to Destroy a Wooden Wall, Metal Wall and Frame in DayZ 2024

The best thing about raiding a base in DayZ with ammunition is the ttr or time to raid is a lot shorter if you are with a group of players, but again also remember to be aware that a lot of gunfire by multiple people in a single area is likely to attract other players in that area. Keeping a couple of your team on watch is a good strategy when raiding in a group.

Ammo Types to Destroy Wooden and Metal Walls DayZ

Ammo Type / CaliberBullets Per Wooden WallBullets Per Metal Wall
.45 APC834
12g Buckshot834 - Pellets
12g Slug258
  • AK74 + 45 Rnd Mag = 41.8 seconds to destroy a wall
  • LAR + Sandard Mag = 33.6 seconds
  • Vaiga + Drum Mag = 40 seconds
  • M4 + 60 Rnd Mag = 27.4 seconds
  • AKM + 75 Rnd Mag = 34.3 seconds

Base Raiding with Melee Weapons DayZ

While not being the fastest or most efficient way of raiding you can in fact raid a base in DayZ by using just melee weapons, its best if you know the owners of the base have logged off for quite some time.

On a positive for raiding with melee weapons is the fact its quiet so a lower chance of attracting other players to the party.

List of Hits by Melee Weapons to Destroy a Wall DayZ

  • Fists = 4008 hit per wall or 45 minutes
  • Stone Knife = 2805
  • Hammer = 2057
  • Crowbar = 1650
  • Baseball Bat = 1650
  • Knife = 1650
  • Machete = 1102
  • Sledgehammer = 1102
  • Shovel = 1102
  • Hatchet = 1102
  • Axe = 825
  • Fireman’s Axe = 825
  • Pickaxe = 825
Break into a Base by Lock Picking DayZ

Break into a Base by Lock Picking DayZ

In DayZ there is currently just two ways of locking your base doors, that’s with either the blue lock – 3 digits or the red lock – 4 digits.

The blue lock only has 3 digits so its possible to try all combinations in around 10 – 15 minutes, so bear that in mind when locking your base. Personally the blue 3 digit lock is a last resort, or just use it while you go looking for the red 4 digit lock as to try all combinations on that lock you need to set aside around 1 – 2 hours.

Raiding a Base without Weapons or Explosives DayZ

To use this method of raiding you need to exploit any mistakes that the players building the base made, look for places to maybe boost in by climbing on objects or jumping from another building. You can even park a vehicle next to the base to try and boost in that way, also look for any windows that haven’t been boarded up as that’s another easy way of boosting in.

As with all non official DayZ servers though make sure to check the server rules before raiding as most community servers have a set of do’s and don’ts when it comes to raiding bases on their servers.

Ways to Protect Your Base DayZ

Ways to Protect Your Base DayZ

First of all we need to make it clear that no place is 100% safe to build a base in DayZ and that all bases get raided, building and raiding is part of the game loop in DayZ. If you get but hurt when you log in to find your base raided and all the loot as been shot up to ruined so it de-spawns then building a base might not be your thing, DayZ can be like that that’s just the way it is. You can always build stashes around the map, while still not 100% safe they don’t stand out like a huge base.

Anyway, one way of helping to protect your base is to chose the right location, to do that you need to try and find secluded areas around the map so building in cities and lumber yards isn’t the greatest of ideas.

Another way to help protect your base is to build multiple layers of walls and doors. Ideally build them 2 – 3 meters apart or about 1.5 meters apart in buildings, this technique reduces any damage to the walls behind the wall being raided. Barbed wire is also another good item to use to help protect your base.

When you log out its a good idea to place traps like land minds and bear traps to slow the raiders down.

Also this is a must, Don’t keep all your good loot in the base, bury it and stash it!

With all this in mind this concludes our DayZ Base Raiding Chart 2024. Happy surviving


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