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Tarkov Headset Guide


Escape from Tarkov Headset Guide

In escape from Tarkov, going equipped in to a raid with the right headset can give you a huge advantage over players not wearing a headset, it could literally mean life or death, personally i always wear them even at the start of a wipe the Gssh-1 are cheap enough, even the cheapest headset is a lot better than not wearing one, they let you hear other players and AI at greater distances to give you an advantage.

Sound is a very important aspect when playing Escape from Tarkov and listening for certain sounds like broken glass or wood etc, when you know the maps these sounds can help you pin point a players position.

With a vast number of headsets in the game this Tarkov Headset Guide aims to help you choose the right headset for your budget, weather its a rat run or a full blown chad run.

All the headsets have been tested in Escape from Tarkov so we can make a Tarkov Headset Guide to see which ones are the best, the chart actually surprised me, my old go to headset was the ComTac 2 but after seeing this chart i switched to the M32 which is great as there super cheap and not to bad. Of course ill still use all the others if i have them in my stash and later in the wipe as the ruble pile grows.

We also have a Tarkov ammo guide for you to check out if your interested, if you didn’t already know its the ammo not the gun in EFT.

The headsets tested in this Tarkov Headset Guide are as follows from best at the top to worst at the bottom.

Tarkov Headset Guide

• ComTac 4 Headset Tarkov

Walking: 76

Running: 84

Over Weight

Walking: 87

Running: 90


• RAC Headset Tarkov

Walking: 71

Running: 73


• XCEL Headset Tarkov

Walking: 69

Running: 75

tac sport

• Tactical Sport Headset Tarkov

Walking: 65

Running: 70


• Sordin Headset Tarkov

Walking: 63

Running: 66


• Razor Headset Tarkov

Walking: 62

Running: 69


• M32 Headset Tarkov

Walking: 59

Running: 64


• ComTac 2 Headset Tarkov

Walking: 55

Running: 60


• Gssh-01 Headset Tarkov

Walking: 53

Running: 59


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