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Escape From Tarkov Patch

Escape From Tarkov Patch

Escape From Tarkov Patch

Battlestate games have just released their latest Escape From Tarkov Patch which all player will need to download via the launcher as always, below is a list of all the changes made in the Escape From Tarkov Patch

List of changes

Escape From Tarkov Patch

Started the first iteration of the seasons system:

  • The season change implies a change in the visual part of the locations, ambient sound, and weather effects;
  • Early spring will be available in this update;
  • Other seasons corresponding to the calendar seasons will be added in future updates.

Added the BTR-82A to Woods, traveling between different stop points:

  • Scav Bunker;
  • Sunken Village;
  • Old Sawmill;
  • Sawmill;
  • USEC Checkpoint;
  • Emercom Base;
  • Junction.
  • Added a detailed suspension system to the BTR for more realistic rough terrain movement;
  • Opened the gates at the Northern and Southern UN Roadblock exits to allow the BTR to drive outside the location. These exits are under sniper fire beyond the gates.

Updated the matching system for Ground Zero:

The system divides players into beginners (up to level 20 inclusive) and experienced players (level 21 and above), matchmaking for these groups will be separate:

  • Ground Zero will be available to all players without level restrictions;
  • For experienced players, there will be a modified version of Ground Zero with:
    • Increased difficulty of Scavs;
    • Chance to find rare loot;
    • Possibility of an Airdrop plane appearing, as well as the option to call in an Airdrop with a red flare;
    • Possibility of Scav Boss Kollontay appearing;
  • If there is at least one player in the group with a level higher than 20, all players will receive a warning for selecting Ground Zero for experienced players;
  • When playing as a Scav, the matching is independent of the player’s level;
  • In co-op practice mode, access to Ground Zero is also independent of the player’s level;
  • Quests “First in Line”, “Shooting Cans”, “Luxurious Life”, “Burning Rubber” and “Saving the Mole” will no longer fail after the player reaches level 20;
  • Added Ground Zero objectives for the following quests: “A Shooter Born in Heaven”, “The Guide”, “Peacekeeping Mission”, “The Survivalist Path – Eagle-Owl”, “Escort”, “Slaughterhouse” and “Information Source”;
  • Added daily and weekly tasks for Ground Zero.

Adjusted the sound system:

  • Updated the ambient sound to match the current season in the game;
  • Wind volume now depends on its strength in the raid;
  • Updated the indoor rain ambient;
  • Added smoother transitions between day and night ambient;
  • Added smoother transitions between indoor and outdoor ambient;
  • Improved the audibility through door and window openings;
  • Added the external sound suppression while inside the BTR.

UI improvements:

  • Added the damage and penetration stats to the ammo inspector screen. When hovering over the penetration sat, you can see the penetration chance against certain armor classes;
  • Improved the Skills menu interface:
    • Added descriptions to skill leveling methods;
    • Numerical values of bonuses are now displayed in tenths;
    • Added a green skill progress bar, displaying how many skill points you have gained during the raid.
  • Added the ability to view a player’s profile via their dogtag and on the lobby screen;
  • Added the ability to report a player on their profile page;
  • Added a button for the dogtag bonuses information in the Hall of Fame zone.

Other changes:

  • Optimized the algorithm of searching for cover for AI;
  • Changed the lighting inside the ULTRA mall on Interchange;
  • Added a sound signal before the BTR departs from its stop point;
  • Improved the hit registration when the player tilts in quick succession.

List of fixes

  • Fixed the geometry and settings for locations, aimed at more accurate operation of the vaulting and climbing mechanics, added the ability to vault from the previously unblocked positions, for example, the windows of the Health Resort;
  • Fixed the AI behavior when using stationary weapons;
  • Fixed the damage calculation algorithm for limb penetration;
  • Fixed the inability to pick up loot at the Terrakot business center on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the significant FPS drop in offline raids after changing the “Vaulting over medium obstacles” option in the settings to “Auto”;
  • Fixed the lack of damage registration after ricochet in certain cases;
  • Fixed the visual effect of painkillers when using NVGs;
  • Fixed the inability to view a player’s profile when using the Flea Market;
  • Fixed the incorrect damage to the player when walking into a non-moving BTR;
  • Returned the display of ricochet chance info for helmets;
  • Fixed the incorrect camera tilt if the player was leaning while aimed shooting.

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