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    dayz patch 1.24 dayz patch 1.24


    Dayz Update 1.24 Patch notes Vikhr rifle, which features a new 30 round 9x39mm magazine that’s compatible with all 9x39mm rifles. new camouflage variants of the ballistic helmet. Here...

    Escape_from_Tarkov_logo Escape_from_Tarkov_logo


    EFT Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart 14.0 Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart up to date as of EFT patch v0.14.0 If you haven’t seen it...

    gray zone warfare gray zone warfare


    Gray Zone Warfare Gray Zone Warfare is aimed at being an immersive tactical FPS with its main focus being realism. You join a Private...

    shoreline shoreline


    Escape from Tarkov Headset Guide In escape from Tarkov, going equipped in to a raid with the right headset can give you a huge...

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